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  •        As an important part of chemical building materials, the plastic pipe production line is highly praised in the market for its superior performance. According to the use and production products, plastic pipe production lines are divided into many categories, including: UPVC drainage pipe, UPVC water supply pipe, aluminum-p
  •       Treatment methods often encountered in pipe production lines:      1. The extrusion machine has a scorch on the outside of the pipe. The cause is that the temperature of the fuselage or the head is too high; the machine head and the filter are not clean and clean; the particles are suspected to hav
  • The plastics machinery industry is developing rapidly, and its development speed and key economic indicators are among the top 194 industries in the machinery industry. The annual production capacity of plastic machinery is about 200,000 sets (sets), and the categories are complete, ranking first in the world.At present, there are nearly 400 major
  • Competition in the plastics machinery industry is becoming increasingly hot. Driven by plastic demand and consumption heat, plastic machinery is being regarded as a strategic focus by more and more enterprises, and the performance of domestic domestic plastic machinery enterprises is undoubtedly affecting people's hearts.  China's plastic m
  • On June 26th, the Italian Rubber and Plastics Processing Machinery Association released a data indicating that the Italian plastics and rubber market is recovering.At the press conference yesterday, the Italian Rubber and Plastics Association said that plastic machinery imports in the first quarter of 2018 rose by 26% year-on-year. Although im
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